Service for interacting with retail outlets.

Common Goal

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Web services development and outsourcing.
We develop IT solutions for your business.


Comprehensive product testing and documentation.


Development of web services, solutions for business, highly complex projects.


Analysis of business requirements, concept development.


Providing a technical team for outsourcing.


Prototyping and designing architecture.

Common Cause

Service for interaction with outlets.

The service is a common application “mobile business” on Android and IOS devices that allows our partners to directly interact with sales outlets, reduce the burden on sales representatives of the company, optimize logistics costs and human resources.

Increase sales of retail outlets by providing leverage from leading credit companies in the country.

Retailer information

The application provides ad units to inform about new products, pricing policies and upcoming promotions. Ability to conduct SMS mailing and send push-notifications to outlets.

Tasks from the supplier

The ability to conduct a trade audit, monitor the work of the sales representative, supervisors, placement and replacement of promotional material using audio, video and photo reports. Receive online feedback and conduct surveys.

Online store for outlets

Using the application it is possible to accept online applications from retail outlets for the supply of products. Increase sales of goods, simplify the procedure for applying for vacation and payment for goods.

Cooperate with us:

we offer
We offer

The possibility of calculating bonuses and rewards

for your sales representatives and partners
Wide range of services

Customers can use received money and bonuses for ordering and paying for goods and services both in stores and online.

Transparent reward system.

The system for calculating the remuneration is transparent, is made every day from the moment of receiving the notification from the customer.

Simple conclusion

To calculate the remuneration it is necessary to provide the partner's cell phone number and the amount of compensation.

Additional SMS-informing

We accompany the promotion with additional SMS-informing your customers and partners.

Canceling erroneous enrollments

In case of unsuccessful payment (erroneous enrollment, other reasons), cancellations can be made at the customer's request, payments can be re-transmitted. We will also provide you with a personal manager to work with your company, for the fastest and most comfortable solution of emerging issues.

Payment Solutions LTD

Successful experience in the implementation of bonus projects

Our company has successful experience in implementing bonus projects in the field of FMCG, with such a company as Filip Maurice Kazakhstan LLP, and therefore we offer you to conclude a Partner Agreement with our Company that will optimize the costs of bonuses and rewarding your Partners, offer you reliable, convenient and transparent payment service, increase the loyalty of your partners, increase the range of your services.

More information
our price
our price

Cost of enrollment fees

on QIWI wallet
One-time action
Up to 1 million tenge
50 000
Starter pack
Up to 10 million tenge
from turnover
Medium business
From 15 million to 20 million tenge
from turnover
Big business
Over 20 million tenge
from turnover

24/7 customer support

We will allocate a personal manager to work with your company, for the most rapid and comfortable solution of emerging issues.
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